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Dental Implants vs Dental Bridges

How to decide between a dental implant and a bridge? 

Teeth have two main parts; the crown is the part you see in the mouth, and the root is the part that is encased in bone and keeps the tooth in place. A dental implant is actually a root replacement, and unlike the root of a tooth, it is actually fused to the bone of the jaw. A crown is attached to the implant and in effect it becomes a stand-alone tooth, functioning and appearing just like the natural tooth you have lost. The basic prerequisites for a successful implant include:

  • a sufficient quantity and quality of bone to anchor ...

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Computer-Guided Dental Implants

Computer-Guided Dental Implants

St. Louis Dental ImplantsDental implants provide people an effective and long-lasting tooth replacement treatment. Computer-guided dental implants utilize state-of-the-art implant placement technology to provide people accurate, precise and painless implant treatments.

Our computer-guided dental implants give you easy, safe and highly-accurate tooth replacements.

Missing teeth can present a serious problem toDental Implants your oral health. We provide precise implant procedures that repair your missing teeth without affecting your existing teeth and gums. Our system allows us to take detailed images of the affected area(s) of your mouth. We then develop a comprehensive surgical plan that ...

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