Mark McClure, DDS
South County Dentist

We offer high-quality dental care to create and maintain lifetimes of healthy and beautiful smiles.

Patient Testimonials

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Treats you like Family!

I can't recommend Mark McClure enough!! My fiance and I went, and he was very hesitant to go in the first place. He hasn't been to a dentist in years and was scared of being ridiculed for having bad teeth. There was no shame! They appreciated him coming in, better late than never! I love my hygienist, she makes me feel comfortable and she's very down to earth.
The receptionist is fantastic! She always calls us by name. There was one day we came in to settle a bill and they were already shut down and leaving. The receptionist saw us, immediately turned back around to turn her computer on to assist us.
Dr. Mark is always pleasant and makes jokes. He makes sure to make a connection with you. He's treats you like family instead of business. If you're looking for a dentist that will take care of you in regards to your teeth and feelings you've come to the right place! -- KL

Stress Free

Getting my crown was painless and stress free. Thank you!!! - Robin S.

No Pain Dentist

When someone tells me going to the dentist hurts, I tell them they are going to the wrong dentist. Dr. McClure is gentle and it never hurts. - Pam S.

I never dread coming to the dentist!

Dr. McClure and his staff always provide excellent care and personal service with a smile! I never dread coming to the dentist! Michelle P.

My hygienist is great

I have been coming here since 1999 and wouldn't go anywhere else because I really like my hygienist. - Sylvia R.

Helpful and courteous staff

Helpful and courteous staff, along with cutting-edge technology made for an amazing experience. -- Mark J.

Patient Testimony - Geoffrey D.

Geoff Davis, Club Director of H2 Volleyball Club is a patient of Dr. McClure. Dr. McClure daughter plays for H2.

Even when I move, I will come to Dr. Mark

I was referred by a friend years ago and have been extremely happy with the doctor and staff. They make me feel comfortable and listen to my concerns. Even if I would move I will continue to come to Dr. McClure, he is that good! Sincerely, Kay M.

One of our long-time patients was so happy with his care that he composed a poem for us!

When looking for a dentist, Dr. McClure is the best,
for he stands head and shoulders above all the rest

And then there is his staff, they are so polite and kind,
with an answer to your question to give you peace of mind

From bridges to cleanings and even some crowns,
people leaving with smiles. I have seen no frowns

John C.