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CEREC Single-Visit Crowns and Cosmetic Veneers

  • No more gooey, gaggy impressions
  • No more temporary crowns
  • We will match your teeth-color
  • Personally designed to look like a natural tooth
  • Crowns in one-visit

Cosmetic Dental Procedures often seem inconvenient and time-consuming. We offer CEREC one-visit crown and cosmetic veneer services to alleviate frustration and provide you a faster and more effective way to enhance your smile.

Our CEREC one-visit crown technology helps you repair the chips, cracks and flaws in your smile. Dr. McClure utilizes the CEREC technology to provide patients a fast and effective alternative to traditional crown treatments. Traditional treatments often require several visits to develop and create crowns that will protect and repair your teeth. With CEREC we are able to offer quality, convenient tooth restoration in just one office visit.

We understand that our patients have busy lives. CEREC gives us the opportunity to reduce the burden of unnecessary dental visits on our patients while providing high-quality, long-lasting smile repair.

With CEREC technology, no "gooey" impressions are needed. CEREC technology involves the use of a small digital camera to take detailed and accurate pictures of your teeth to make high-quality crowns and veneers.

Crown treatments are an essential part of good restorative dentistry. A quality crown can protect your damaged or decayed tooth while repairing any lack of symmetry it may have caused. The right crown can enhance the attractiveness of your smile while improving your long-term oral health.

CEREC crown treatments provide the same esthetic and functional benefits of traditional crowns without the hassle of multiple appointments. Our CEREC technology can deliver a professionally-designed and durable crown that comfortable conforms to your unique smile. CEREC has allowed us to streamline your next crown treatment and provide you with immediate tooth restoration and relief.

We also provide our patients with CEREC one-visit cosmetic veneers. The convenience of one-visit veneer services gives you dramatically-improved teeth without the need for follow-up treatments or additional visits. CEREC cosmetic veneers, like CEREC crowns, are custom-created and installed in just one visit, providing you years of better-looking teeth.

Veneer enhancement is a proven cosmetic method that can provide you a brighter and healthier-looking smile. Our CEREC veneers take the inconvenience out of traditional cosmetic treatments while correcting the undesirable flaws in your teeth’s appearance.

CEREC one-visit crowns and cosmetic veneers can have an amazing effect on your smile. This technology is proven to provide high-quality tooth restoration. CEREC quality crowns and veneers are as durable, reliable and attractive as traditional cosmetic treatments and are professionally-made in just one-office visit.

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