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Six Month Smiles (Tooth-Colored Braces)

What are the benefits of adult braces?  Many people are looking for straighter, more beautiful teeth, yet are apprehensive about the prospect of traditional metal braces. We provide the Six Month Smiles teeth straightening method, tooth-colored braces for a more aesthetic look.

Six Month Smiles is a proven tooth-colored teeth straightening system that can provide you better teeth alignment in as little as six months. Six Month Smiles utilizes nearly invisible brackets and wires to provide accurate and precise tooth movements. This technology relies on gentle forces to comfortably nudge your teeth into the desired position.

Traditional orthodontics methods can often take years to produce results and can make teeth straightening uncomfortable.

Six Month Smiles have numerous benefits over traditional methods, providing straighter teeth, improving hygiene and requiring less maintenance than standard braces. Follow-up appointments are faster, adjustments are easier and visibility is almost nonexistent with the Six Month Smiles technology.

This effective orthodontic method uses the best aspects of modern orthodontics to provide people the best teeth-straightening available. Each precise tooth movement positions your teeth into a more symmetrical and more confident smile. We are happy to deliver straighter and more beautiful smiles with this amazing and innovative technology.

The Six Month Smiles straightening method employs the latest advances in modern orthodontics to make your smile enhancement as easy and painless as possible. Dr. McClure recommends the Six Month Smiles method because he enjoys providing people with better-looking smiles that last a lifetime. Orthodontics should be safe, easy and affordable to anyone seeking a better and happier smile, and that’s why Six Month Smiles is available at our office.

A straighter smile is a happier smile. The faster we can provide you a straighter and more beautiful smile, the faster you can enjoy the confidence and happiness it provides. Six Month Smiles has delivered countless patients the teeth straightening and alignment they’ve desired.

Six Month Smiles offers numerous advantages over traditional orthodontics and can give you a great-looking smile in only a fraction of the treatment time. Dr. McClure believes you deserve a safer, faster and cost-effective alternative to traditional metal braces. We provide Six Month Smiles because our patients deserve a faster and more comfortable treatment method.

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